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Flexform offers a wide collection of home furnishings — sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs, containers and accessories.

Flexform’s Products

Franchino is also an interior design laboratory

Team of architects and designers is the ideal partner to create realizations that reflect and satisfy perfectly your requests.
From the sleeping quarters to living. From the kitchens to the bathrooms,
our expertise ensures a perfect harmony trough the complements.

50 years of experience


We offer the shipment on thousands of items all around the world. The time is around 10/18 working days from the order date.


Originality and quality without compromises together with a total transparency. On Franchino you will the best items’ selection for interiors, with a price always guaranteed.


Planning laboratory and interior design, our designers and architects’ team is the ideal partner to create implementation that reflect perfectly yours demands.

Simulations HQ

Our staff qualificate will realize a simulation of your project, you will able to see a preview of your dreams becoming true. Our designers will realize the projects in 4D.


You can have a 15% discount via sms