Lodovico Acerbis e Giotto Stoppino

Large tables, in which natural stone covers and completely hides the metal, structural core.The simple shape enhances the exceptional personality of the special stones. All of the grains in the marble, the shades of colours, the deep variations of dark and brightness, the mosaic of minerals, which are the result of the millenary process of the metamorphosis of the stone, are skillfully brought to light in all their beauty. The apparent thinness of the top, thanks to the tapered edge, contrasts with the visual value of the legs, characterised by a particularly shaped “V” section and made of an innovative and contrasting material combination of stone with a structural metal core

Shipment in 5-6 working weeks




2 cm-thick marble top with tapered edges in Arabescato Grey, Graphite Grey, Arabescato White, divided into sections and supported by a wooden undertop. Legs with an unusual “V”-shaped cross-section, with an innovative combination of stone and a structural metal core.

Frame, inner legs and undertop painted slate grey.

Optional “Lazy Susan” rotating tray